You may have issues which prevent you from living a peaceful day to day life. How would it feel like to be free from the constant torment of carrying these thoughts and worries around with you.  Talking and working with a counseller in a safe, and confidential environment and who is non-judgemental, listens and hears’ what you are saying, will free you from these anxieties and enable you to lead a more productive and fulfilling life.


We have many years specialising in Bereavement and Loss and also General Counselling.  I am currently the manager of Bromley Counselling & Bereavement Service in a multi-cultural environment and support people with relationships, couples, abuse, addictions, violence, terminal illness, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, eating disorders, self harm, bullying, affairs and betrayals, family issues, spirituality, suicidal thoughts, trauma, work related stress and behavioural issues.

We support couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship.  Are you feeling lonely, unheard.  Are you afraid to let your partner know how you feel, and would like to be supported to talk and explore your issues in a non judgemental, safe and confidential space of your own?  Then  call me, we are here and available to facilitate you in the process.


  • I have an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and I am Accredited with the National Counselling Society
  • Diploma in Supervision
  • Diploma in Counselling Couples
  • Working with Mental Health – Level 2
  • I support families and friends of people who are addicted to Alcohol/Drugs and was the founder member of ‘Heads Together’ a support group based in Bromley


Your confidentiality is of paramount importance.  We adhere to the National Counselling Society Ethical Framework and Guidelines for Good Practice.  This enables me as a Professional Psychotherapist and Supervisor to maintain a very high standard of practice.

The model that we work with is integrative, this model covers every aspect of psychotherapy and enables me to work with whatever you bring to each session, using many models to suit your needs.

Working psychodynamically enables us to work with you exploring your past experiences, from childhood to working with ‘the here and now’ and what is happening for you today, so you can always bring yourself back to the present and enjoy today, and not keep looking at the past or the future.

It will enrich your life because what you do today, will be your future and it will enable you to lead a very purposeful life.

I have for many years, been supporting individuals and families and friends of people who are addicted to Alcohol/Drugs.  If you are a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, friend and would like support to help you get off the merry-go-round with the addict, then just give me a call! You think it is impossible? I know it is not easy but you can do it, and with my support, it will take away that awful fear of what might happen!

Think what will happen if you stay where you are. Be brave, it will help you to talk with another person who really understands the addictive behaviour and co-dependency.